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SASS® 2300 System with RS-232 Connector

SASS 2300 air sampler system. Part Number: 7000-159-038-xx P/N: 7000-159-038

  • SASS 2300
  • Voltage adapter (wall plug transformer, AC/DC)
  • RS-232 cable for SASS 2300 to PC communications
  • SASS 2300 operating manual
  • Instrument Quick Setup Card
  • SASS 2300 software CD for Windows®

Rechargeable 15V Lithium Ion Battery

Rechargeable 15V Lithium Ion battery. Part Number: 1000-0003-12
P/N: 1000-0003-12

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: IATA International Regulations prevent us from offering optional battery supplies to international customers. Customer will be advised as to local battery models and suppliers upon placement of order.

Charger for Lithium Ion Battery

Charger for Lithium Ion battery. Part Number: 1000-0003-13 P/N: 1000-0003-13

Voltage Adapter

SASS 2300 external power supply. Part Number: 7200-159-170-01 P/N: 7200-159-170-01

Voltage adapter (AC/DC wall plug transformer).

For spares or replacement parts. This item is included with the purchase of a SASS 2300.

RS-232 Cable

RS- 232 communications cable. Part Number: 0900-0003 P/N: 0900-0003

For SASS 2300 to PC communications.

For spares or replacement parts. This item is included with the purchase of a SASS 2300.

SASS 2300 Transport Case

SASS 2300 Transport Case - PN 7100-159-200-01 P/N: 7100-159-200-01
Rugged Pelican Transport Case for transport and protection of SASS 2300. Includes wheels and a collapsible handle.

USB to RS-232 Adapter

USB to RS-232 adapter. Part Number: 7000-0004-01 P/N: 7000-0004-01

For use when connecting the SASS 2300 to a computer not equipped with serial ports. Comes with USB extension cable as shown.

8 ml Sample Vial

The bottle comes with a 25 microliter/drop removable dropper nosepiece. Can also be ordered with lyophilized buffer salts for use with hand-held assays (HHAs).
P/N: 7000-159-010-05 (5 pack)
P/N: 7000-159-010-25 (25 pack)
P/N: 7000-159-011-05 (5 pack with buffer salts)
P/N: 7000-159-011-25 (25 pack with buffer salts)
SASS 2300 replacement cyclone tube assembly. Part Number: 7100-159-039-08

Replacement cyclone tube assembly

P/N: 7100-159-039-10

NOTE: Factory installation required.
SASS 2300 replacement high-speed fan. Part Number: 7200-159-162-01

Replacement fan for SASS 2300 (high speed blower)

P/N: 7200-159-162-01

NOTE: Factory installation required.
SASS 2300 replacement filter screen and plug assembly. Part Number: 7100-159-097-06

Replacement Filter Screen and Plug Assembly

P/N: 7100-159-097-05
SASS 2300 water tank cap. Part Number: 7100-159-080-06

Replacement Water Tank Cap

P/N: 7100-159-080-06

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